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Russia’s Oil vs. America’s Green Energy

Russia’s economy is largely dependent on oil exports.  Part of the reason Putin wanted Donald Trump in office was he wanted to have sanctions removed so that Russia could start exporting even more oil with American investment.  The other part of the reason Putin wanted Trump in office was that it is clear to anyone that has been paying attention that Putin has the ability to play Trump like a fiddle.

Donald Trump really is nothing less than a puppet for the Russian government.  It’s always important to judge one’s actions over one’s words.  As actions really do speak louder than words because anyone can say anything they want, but their actions truly speak the loudest about their intent.  Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is on the side of Russian Government interests.  As he will not say or do anything against the benefit of the Russian State.

Now here is where the problem is…  This is hurting the green/renewable energy sector in the United States as Donald Trump wants to cut as many green energy programs as possible instead of encouraging them.  As Trump will not say or do anything that could possibly hurt Russia’s oil exports.  Green/renewable energy is not good for Russia’s economy as it means they could potentially face less worldwide demand for their major export.  Less demand for oil also means that oil prices could drop which once again would hurt the Russian economy as there are less profits with lower prices.  Spending money on green energy gives Americans jobs and also allows more money to go into more research to develop even better methods.  That is money that is more likely to stay inside of the American economy.  That would be truly putting “America First”.

If you don’t believe me then I ask you to pay attention to Trump’s actions and always ask in whose national interest are his actions when it comes to his green energy policy or lack there of… the United States of America or Russia? You will see time and time again he picks the side that supports improving/helping the Russian economy through encouraging the continued sale of oil (at any cost to the global environment).