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Russians Cheered By Putin’s Boy

On Thursday (20 December) Trump called for the removal of American troops from Syria. On that day as well, General Mattis resigned in frustration and fury.

And by Friday (21 December) Russia was cheering the developments. Trump was clearly Putin’s boy again. The Daily Beast reports that “…the Mattis departure is being cheered in Russia. Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, has said that ‘the departure of James Mattis is a positive signal for Russia, since Mattis was far more hawkish on Russia and China than Donald Trump.’ Kosachev opined that Trump apparently considered his own agenda in dealing with Russia, China and America’s allies to be ‘more important than keeping James Mattis at his post,” concluding: “That’s an interesting signal, and a more positive one’ for Russia.”

Even more blunt were remarks from “…TV host Olga Skabeeva [who] surmised that Americans are ‘losers, since Putin has defeated them in every way.’ With a theatrical sigh, her co-host, Evgeny Popov, added: ‘Trump is ours again—what are you going to do?” Every member of the sizeable audience enthusiastically clapped. While these statements are decidedly sarcastic, Russian opinion makers recount the Kremlin’s victories with unmistakable glee. Popov smirked: ‘It seems to Americans that we won on every front: the U.S. Secretary of Defense has been removed, we unquestionably secured a complete, unconditional victory in Syria.’ Skabeeva chimed in: ‘They’re also planning to leave Afghanistan.’”

In short, 45 has once again proved he is invaluable to his Russian controllers, but absolutely deadly to America and the West.

Which means that, when all this is done and said, it is going to take us decades to clear up the mess.