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Russian Tsunamis Coming

 From Forbes:

Cyber Report Unveils Russian Secret Weapon

This is truly the most frightening thing I’ve read in several months. We can only hope money is already being spent out of the Pentagon’s black budget to correct this problem.  The United States president is a Russian asset and the Republican controlled United States Senate is also a Russian asset.  None of these people will act in the best interest of the United States; they only seek personal gain.

Most of these attacks will be coming from abroad.  The only suggestion I can make is to have people participating in American politics online periodically and randomly authenticate they are at least physically in this country. Almost everyone has a cell phone and can receive a six digit authentication code via text or voice call.  One only has a one in a million chance to accurately guess a six digit authentication code correctly. While this may seem like an inconvenience to many the process can be done very quickly if one really is located in the United States and already has access to a phone (as most Americans do).

 Data regressions can be done to identify any people or groups of people that are a Russian cluster, such as people unable to authenticate or people that take over 3 standard deviations of the average time to authenticate.  We can also look for phone numbers that are used many times more than the average.

 Even phone numbers that don’t demographically match the IP address or a falsified IP address may provide clues.  There are only a finite number of valid United States phone numbers that can receive an authentication code via text or voice call.  Grammatically, it can be easy to identify Russian trolls though their use of double negatives.  Double negatives are correct in the Russian language, but are incorrect in the English language.  Some strategies such as this if implemented correctly may allow us to help identify and keep back the tsunamis of foreign political influence headed our way for the 2020 election.  

Mark my words, Donald Trump will assist Putin in starting World War III if he believes there is potential for him to gain more money or power.  Billions of people could realistically die in a WWIII.  If not from direct fighting or fallout, they will die of lack of water and other resources due to unaddressed climate change.  We should not be wasting our resources on more war so a few megalomaniac billionaires can be temporarily satiated with “more”.  

 I don’t even like the term “billionaire” anymore. I think we should refer rightfully to them as ‘insatiable money whores’.  

If Russia doesn’t knock some of its foreign political interference off the world may have no choice other than to break Russia up into multiple pieces to be controlled by nations truly desiring peace, much like Berlin was cut into pieces after World War II.