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Russia Likes Some Guy Who Hits People

Coming under the heading of, You Must Be Joking…

We learn from the news that Russia has appointed Steven Seagal its special representative to the United States of America to improve relations between the two countries. In a word, huh?

Seagal, you’ll recall, is the actor-qua-martial-artist-qua-legbreaker who kickboxed his way into Hollywood’s heart as an action movie star in such profound works as Marked For Death and Out For Justice. But, then, disgusted with the wimpiness and general snowflakery of his native United States, he teamed up with the Night Wolves, a Russian motorcycle club, and later became BFF with President Putin.

So…this guy is going to improve relations with America?

Yeah. Right. And I’m sure Mr. Seagal is going to get a Oscar for his work in Kill Switch