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Rush Limbaugh with a Vagina

William B. Turner

Let’s leave Laura.

No doubt we all remember fondly the imbroglio that erupted in 2012 when a law student named Sandra Fluke spoke publicly about the need she and fellow women students had for contraceptives and Rush Limbaugh responded by calling her a slut on his show.

Such is the degraded character of “conservatism” in its U.S. manifestation. No real conservative would ever call a woman a slut. No real conservative would even admit to knowing the word.

But for good, U.S. “conservatives,” all that matters is pursuing the immediate political goal at any cost. At the time the good Christians in the Republican Party were busy fighting with the Obama administration over the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that health insurance policies cover a range of contraceptives, which is a minimal gesture towards equality of opportunity and treatment for women, which “conservatives” oppose, and the most reliable way to minimize abortions, which good “conservatives” always claim as a major goal.

Rush’s foul mouthed attack on Ms. Fluke prompted the movement to call on his advertisers to stop advertising on his show, Flush Rush, a movement that enjoyed considerable success. One of the first advertisers to announce their departure from his show was a corporation who’s CEO announced that he had daughters and could not support a man who would speak in such terms about any young woman.

“Conservatives” are a little slow. Now we have Rush’s female doppelganger, Laura Ingraham, caught up in a strikingly similar scandal. In the last month, a young man named David Hogg has suddenly become something of a celebrity by being one of several students who have spoken forcefully in favor of new gun control measures after surviving a shooting at his highschool in Florida.

Good “conservatives” jumped into action, as reliable reactionaries, always eager to defend their ridiculous, reductive, indefensible reading of the Second Amendment as prohibiting any gun control measures at all in the United States and have proven willing to say any nasty, scurrilous thing that pops into their heads about anyone, like young Mr. Hogg, who has become at all prominent as the result of their political activism growing out of the incident in Florida. A state level candidate called a young woman who has, like Hogg, become suddenly famous, a “skinhead lesbian.” She wears her hair very short and apparently is bisexual.

Ingraham might have learned from him. He quit his race as the result of public revulsion at his nasty comment. But, no, Ingraham is not that good at inferences, apparently. Those are beyond her intellectual capacity.

Ingraham needed to prove that she is just Rush Limbaugh with a vagina.

So, when Mr. Hogg made the public relations mistake of announcing that four universities he has applied to have rejected him, Ingraham saw a golden opportunity, as a good Christian, to strike a blow on behalf of U.S. “conservatives” by issuing a tweet sniping at Mr. Hogg.

Bad idea.

As with Rush, the exodus of advertisers has begun. Mr. Hogg seems to have learned quickly and is actively encouraging boycotts of anyone who continues to advertise on her show. Ingraham, a good “conservative” who acts on principle, has performed a terribly convenient volte face and apologized to Mr. Hogg, “in the spirit of Holy Week,” just in case you were wondering if there were any depth Christian cynicism will not stoop to. Apparently, the answer is, no, there is none.

So, Ingraham seems to be learning her lesson, too late and the hard way.

It’s hard to have much sympathy for her. It’s hard to have much sympathy for any of our good, U.S. “conservatives,” unrepentently dense as they typically are.

Let’s leave Laura.