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Rudy’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Birthday

Ah, Rudy. Poor Rudy. Sad Rudy. You can’t get no respect even on your birthday.

Just on the off chance anyone missed the story, it seems that Der Drumpf’s fav mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani, was at Yankee Stadium, the other day. And he was spotted by the announcer. Who recalled that it was Rudy’s birthday. And who then announced that fact to the crowd.

And the crowd…

Booed him. Basically, the good folks at Yankee Stadium showed him all the love and affection they might otherwise reserve for public enemies and diseased animals.

Which may be an interesting thing. Admittedly, New Yorkers can be a rough and tumble bunch, and today’s villain can become tomorrow’s hero. But, still, Rudy is a native son. For a long time, he was seen as the Big Apple’s guy — tough, outspoken, not taking crap from anyone, a New Yorker’s New Yorker.

But now…they boo him. And all because of his association with and defense of Donald Trump.

Maybe, when all is said and done, even the most dim-witted of public figures will finally realize that Donald Trump is the kiss of death.

No matter how much you may pretend that he is the will of the people or the wave of the future.