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Roy Moore, Spoiled Child

William B. Turner

Roy Moore just lost the special election for the U.S. Senate seat from Alabama to Democrat Doug Jones. Reports have it that he refuses to concede.

This should surprise no one. The Republican Party is the Party of spoiled children and has been since Richard Nixon. With the advent of major legislation prohibiting racial discrimination and dramatically increasing African American voter registration, old, presumptively heterosexual, white men feel deprived, and they just won’t stop whining about it.

Their power over the culture has waned slowly over the last fifty years, but they had quite the stranglehold to begin with, and culture changes slowly, so we’re still fighting them off. Seeing Barack Obama as president was serious blow to the old, white guys. Donald Trump, the ultimate old, whiny, white guy, is the backlash. Progress always meets with some backlash. That’s unavoidable.

Nowhere has the whiny, old, white guy problem been more severe than in the South. Racial discrimination exists everywhere in the United States, but it is most pronounced and deeply ingrained in the South, where most of the African American population still lives. That, of course, is the part of the country that tried to create a whole, new country to protect slavery. Southerners actually started the whiny, old, white guy long before the problem went national. Nixon just figured out how to sucker them into supporting the Republican agenda. It doesn’t benefit them, but they don’t care, so long as Republicans promise to keep the darkies, women, and the queers in their places.

Roy Moore is their boy. He likes slavery. He chases teen girls. He hates queers. And he thinks he’s entitled to get whatever he wants. He just can’t understand a world that doesn’t let him do something ifhe’s decided he wants to do it. He wants to try to pick up teen girls in the courthouse or at high school football games, why should anyone object? He’s an old, white guy. It’s his world.

But now African American voters have shown up in droves and deprived him of something he wanted. He will not go quietly. We will all have to endure some period of listening to him stomp his feet and whine loudly over his loss.

Let’s just ignore him. He’ll go away eventually.