Role Reversal: Left Patriot/Right Turncoat

Role Reversal: Left Patriot/Right Turncoat

By Michael Jay Tucker

It is curious, but for quite a long time…maybe as long as there has been a United States…the Right has consistently smeared us as being, somehow, disloyal. It has always been so eager to find us guilty of treason…to say that we were in some fashion loyal not to our country, but some other…

Thus, since at least the 1920s and the first great Red Scare, it’s been Communists (excuse me, “Commies!”) that liberals were supposed to be. Before that, it was …let’s see, Catholics and “degenerates.” And earlier still, we were secretly French.

More recently, we were crypto-Moslems (born in Kenya). Or aligned with terrorists. And, of course, if we were in favor of environmentalism, we were actually in the pay of the Chinese…who were undermining our industrial capacity. (Never mind that good old American capitalists had long ago moved manufacturing to China and done more to end the American manufacturing economy than any Green could have dreamt of doing.)

So, disloyal the whole lot of us…secretly pledging allegiance and fidelity to some other foreign prince or potentate…and spitting on the flag when no one is looking.


Have you read the news lately? Indictment after indictment, revelation after revelation…confessions…of Drumpf and his minions being connected to foreign money, foreign powers, foreign ideologies…

It seems that… as is so often the case with accusers…they are projecting. It is they, not we, who have been dealing with the devil …or at least with Putin. It is they, not we, who have been disloyal. It is they, not we, who secretly worship alien gods.

Thus, to our amazement, we find that we are the patriots… they the traitors…we are the loyal Americans….they the betrayers…we the nationalists…they the conspirators and agents of sinister powers.

What, then, do we do about it? About this curious role reversal?

I suggest we pick up the flag which the Right has thrown into the dust. I suggest that we acknowledge what was true all along, but which we didn’t really understand…or couldn’t confess…

To wit, we are the real Americans. We are the genuine citizens of this nation of ours.

And it is our fate, whether we like it or not…

To take possession of America, and make it better…make it genuinely the shining city on the hill…

For all to see and admire.


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