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Roe vs. Wade: It’s Gone

Wanna just ruin your whole day? Read this article over on the ABC News site. Supreme Court ‘will nullify’ Roe v. Wade even if it doesn’t ‘overturn’ it: Senate Dem, by Kris Schneider. In it, Schneider quotes Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii as saying that the court, now dominated by Trumpists, will effectively repeal Roe vs. Wade, no matter what it does officially.

Brett Kavanaugh is the key, she says. “I actually studied his cases, and I read his, particularly his dissents, which are very telling, very much against reproductive choice.” And now, the court increasingly reflects men like him.

It is a chilling prediction of what is to come. But, if there is any good news at all in this story, it is that Hirono also suspects that growing anger among women, Democrats, pro-choice voters, and just plain Americans may make a vast difference in the longer turn. Schneider quotes her as saying, “People are making their own decisions, because as you know in our country, civil disobedience is very much a part of our country. And of course, if you go over a line, then you have to be held accountable.”