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Rise Of The White Collar Unions

If white collar unions are, indeed, the future of organized labor, then it might be a nasty surprise for the massive, transnational, global corporations that now dominate economic activity everywhere. The world-wide busting of labor unions was one of late stage capitalism’s great triumphs. If the “hard hat union” is now replaced by a labor movement composed of well-educated, highly motivated, and tightly organized professionals whose jobs cannot be easily shipped overseas to authoritarian states where wages are low and workers nicely disciplined by death squads, then life may get a bit less comfortable for the CEOs who thought they’d created Ayn Rand’s utopia…at everyone else’s expense.

The irony, of course, is that if any of that comes to pass, it will be because the same CEOs were so successful in suppressing the older sort of union. And thus, as is more often the case then you’d think, total victory over one opponent creates a far more serious rival in future.