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Republicans are All In for Trump

William B. Turner

Okay, so a few, inconsequential “conservatives,” like Bill Kristol and George Will, protested at the thought of the Donald as president while he was running, but the Republican Party, notionally the “conservative” party, as a whole failed entirely to take any effective steps to stop him from winning their nomination, then from winning the presidency.

Now that the flames of the various scandals that he has set on his way to the White House, and long before in some cases, threaten to engulf him, we see that the Republicans as a Party are only too happy to follow along in Trump’s vengeful, unethical, reprehensible ways.

Almost a year ago, an assistant Attorney General, one Rod Rosenstein, who looks like a nebbish, appointed Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor to investigate widespread reports of illegal cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in various forms. Mind you, both Rosenstein, a political appointee in the Department of Justice, and Muller, who first won appointment to direct the FBI under George W. Bush, are Republicans.

They are that rarest sort of Republican in having integrity and some obvious commitment to discharging their professional responsibilities in a highly professional manner – the exact opposite of the Donald. Three people, all close to the Donald, have now pleaded guilty to various crimes as the result of Mueller’s investigation. Another is under house arrest pending trial. Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for alleged conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 election.

There is every reason to believe that Mueller is doing his job thoroughly and well, and that he will eventually produce compelling evidence of criminal activity by Trump himself, although he has not done so yet.

Various Republicans, however, knowing that Party loyalty is their only strength, have now increasingly started making various noises, at the moment, about firing Rosenstein, as the man who has the authority to supervise the Mueller investigation, potentially including firing Mueller, although some have noted that the more effective approach might be to keep Mueller in place, but to hem him in with supervision from the so called Department of Justice, which lost any claim to that title when notorious racist Jefferson Sessions took control of it.

So now the chief Trump lackey in the House of Representatives, Devin Nunes, or NoonyTunes as some call him, is busy cooking up reasons to fight with Rosenstein, knowing that his position is safe. Several people have broached the possibility of impeaching Rosenstein, which will almost certainly not happen, since the House would need at least a fig leaf of some claim for criminal conduct on his part to carry that off, and no one has produced any credible claim to any such.

Not that we did not already know this, but with their current conduct, Republicans are proving definitively that they are entirely unprincipled, amoral people who seek power just for the sake of having power, and in order to make their opponents, or “enemies’” lives more unpleasant. The most sickening part of this at the moment is that they have begun to turn on their own.

So, congratulate yourself for never even having considered being a Republican. Good choice.