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Repent Ye Sinners…and Vote Liberal

Here’s one we got from our friend Brent Williams. It seems that the movement to claw Christianity back from the Right is gaining steam, and has been getting some pretty big league supporters. For example, Susan Thistlethwaite, writing in Huffpost, reports on The Boston Declaration, an appeal by liberal (and other) clergy to redeem the faith.

Thistlethwaite writes that in “a dramatic press conference at Boston’s famous Old South Church,” theologians, clergy, and lay people at the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature announced that the Christian faith has been hijacked by Right-wing pseudo-evangelists and that the churches need to be reformed.

To emphasize the point, many of the theologians at the conference wore sackcloth and ashes, thus to say that Christianity has lost its way and needs to be, somehow, cleansed of its sins.

Many of us on the Left have, of course, had our problems with organized religion. There probably isn’t one of us who hasn’t had a Right-winger whack a Bible in our face and proclaim him/herself the winner in some argument or another. But, still, you must admit, there is something compelling in The Boston Declaration. Its authors genuinely seem to want Christianity to live up to the ideals of its founder—who, you will recall, spoke remarkably little about Original Sin, Homosexuality, and Damnation…and a good deal about feeding the hungry and freeing the oppressed.

Which may explain why the authorities crucified him. That sort of subversive nonsense never goes over well with Those Who Know Best.