Repeal the Trump Tax Cut for Billionaires! Let the Rich Pay Their Taxes!

Repeal the Trump Tax Cut for Billionaires!

by Marc Keyser

Let the Rich pay their own damn Taxes

News commentator Lawrence O’Donnell had this to say about the Trump Tax Bill, “You are seeing in the United States Senate on the Republican side of the aisle, with this tax legislation, is the ugliest display of pigs at the trough that I have ever seen in Congress, and I mean EVER.”

The Trump Tax Cut gives $1 trillion dollars of our tax money to the very rich and the extremely rich corporations they own.

This tax cut for the billionaires comes from money we don’t have. It’s borrowed money we don't have that adds $1.5 trillion to deficit, which will explode the national debt.

In a few short months, Trump has turned our democracy into to a plutocracy, a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. This is a government dedicated to stealing from the majority to enrich a minority of 1%. This America government, like the Russian government, is becoming a den of corruption devastating the middle class, adding to the poverty of the poor.

The billionaire Koch brothers spent $20 million greasing the palms of Republicans in Congress to pass this abomination. These two save around $1.4 billion dollars this year.

A working family with an income of 70k a year will save around $820 dollars; however, they could end up paying a few thousand more each year for health insurance. Can you see the difference?

Trump pockets an extra $22 to $31 million dollars, and the Trump children will save about a billion dollars on inheritance taxes. President Trump said the tax bill would hurt him. Looks like Trump lied again. This hurts the 70% to make the 1% of the rich really, really, really rich like hogs at the trough.

Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan pushed the Tax Cut through the House of Representatives. Now he is arguing the government is broke so Congress has to make drastic cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medical to pay for $1.3 trillion tax cut that benefits the obscenely rich and their super rich corporations.

 Do the math 

This is rip-off. The American people can’t afford to give billionaires a trillion-dollar tax break. We need to convince the Republicans in Congress to repeal the Trump Tax Bill give a real tax cut to middle class and protect social programs for the children, the elderly and the poor.

What America needs is the 99% tax bracket…

Trump’s Tax Bill takes a trillion dollars from the middle class and the poor; and gives to rich elite and their corporations. Instead of owning 80% of the wealth in America, the richest 1% just got 90% of the wealth

We have a progressive income tax system based on the democratic ideal that those who make more should pay more in taxes for the support of the government and for the common good. Under the Constitution, those who make more are obligated to pay more, but the rich bribe our representatives who constantly shift the tax burden from the rich and their giant corporations on the backs of the workers and the poor.

Trump Tax Cut is regressive. The rich pay less in taxes. When billionaires pay less in taxes, it centralizes money in the hands of billionaires who have the money to bribe Congress to give them more tax breaks.

Someone has to pay the taxes for the rich who don’t pay their share of taxes... and it is not going to be us

Trump’s regressive tax system lowers the standard of living for the middle class and creates more poverty on a larger scale just to enrich the rich. The Republicans in Congress are corrupting the tax system. Instead of a tax system based on social justice, this is a system of outrageous greed and exploitation.

The distribution of wealth in America does not go to the People as a whole, but to elite minority of wealthy individuals and the corporations they own stock in making the rich richer, the poor poorer and shrinking the middle class. The tax system is nothing but greed and exploitation.

We need tax relief for the 80% of Americans, and we need to tax the rich to pay for it.




Take to the Phones. Join the Phone Protest against Bank of America/Merrill Edge and shut them down to force Congress to repeal the tax Trump Tax Rip-off and tax the rich instead.

Demand a new tax bracket of 99% for those making more that $15 million dollars a year. We must put a limit on how much money any individual is allowed to keep. We must tax billionaires down to mere millionaires and ween them off subsidized living.

A democratic society cannot afford billionaires and the damage this much accumulation of wealth creates for the rest of society. The obscenely rich are a social class that has outlived its usefulness like dinosaurs and just as dangerous. The rich elite are a scourge on society. They are parasites.

We have a civic duty, and a moral obligation to save the souls the obscenely rich. We can no longer afford to pay taxes for them or give them government subsidies. The rich must man up and shoulder their share of the tax burden.

The best tax cut for working American is the 50% payroll tax cut

The most meaningful and immediate tax relief for workers is the payroll tax cut. Cut payroll taxes by 50% and workers keep more of what they earn. They take home a bigger pay check in the moment, here and now in each and every paycheck.

Cutting payroll taxes increases take home pay, which boosts consumer spending, which helps our economy and improves the daily lives of the vast majority of people, and we tax the billionaires to pay for it.

Employers who save 50% on payroll taxes get a substantial tax break when they hire works, which lowers the costs of production and provides an incentive to hire more workers and create more jobs.

 Place sanctions on Congress to bring them to the bargaining table

We take to the Phone. Call Bank of America/Merrill Edge 844-906-1708 by the thousands. Jam the phones. Email by the hundreds of thousands and crash their servers. Demonstrate in front of each branch and turn customers away. Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Edge with non-violent, non-cooperation on a global scale. Disrupt business as usual until investors and depositors panic, demand their money back, and start a run on the bank.

Armed only with our smartphones, we can launch a denial of service attack on Bank of America.

This is a to petition Congress for the redress of grievances. We are here to place real sanctions on Congress, to force them meet our demands. When we shut down Bank of America, we have leverage to negotiate with Congress from a position of strength.

We have the numbers. Protesting peacefully by phone, we can cut the lines of communication at Bank of America and Merrill Edge, put their business on hold and trigger a run on the bank. We have the Constitutional Right to call and complain, if Bank of America can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the line when millions of people are call, that would be their problem.

We can give Congress an economic meltdown on Wall Street so costly that the fallout forces these corrupt Trump-Republicans in Congress to vote to Repeal the Trump Tax Cut and tax the rich instead... just to save Bank of America from going under; and stave off a meltdown on Wall Street.

Congress can have our consent and cooperation when Congress repeals the Trump Tax Rip-off. Then and only then will we stop calling Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and allow them to conduct their business unimpeded.


Marc Keyser