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Rental Families: The Future

The grim reality is that postindustrial, late capitalist economics don’t lend themselves to family or personal happiness. Corporations expect their employees to work 24/7, and if that means they don’t have a private life, well, too bad.

The result is a developed world in crisis, where entire countries are running out of people as singles don’t have the time or energy to marry, and married folks don’t have time to have children. Japan and Western Europe are having a particularly hard time of it.

To get an idea just how bad it is, consider this: according to screenshot magazineJapan now has a flourishing industry of rental family members. Need a father for a father-daughter dance at school? One can be ordered up, at reasonable prices. How about a grandmother for an hour or two? Just so your children can know what its like to have some bake them cookies after school? Those too can be had for price.

Quite simply, this is tragic. You cannot have a society in which “family” is regarded as less important than increasing share-holder value. And… when not if…people decide they simply can’t go on any longer, late capitalism and its masters will be in for a shock.