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Red State, Blue State…Dead State

The GOP has proposed a budget which will (what a shock!) transfer still more of the nation’s taxes away from the rich and onto the backs of the middle class and the poor.

We weren’t surprised at that (alas). What did come as a shock to us is that there may be even more than simple greed involved here.  To wit, this budget may be a weapon.

In a couple of fascinating articles, Blue states are in for a world of pain and Republicans have a plan to hurt blue states. It could backfire, Washington Post opinion writer Catherine Rampell argues that the budget, by eliminating a great many tax credits used by the middle class and middle class communities will hurt Blue States enormously, while leaving Red States untouched. Thus, the budget is a weapon by which the GOP is punishing the Blue States for, well, not voting for them.

The kicker, she adds, is that this could be a problem for everyone, including the Red States and the GOP. The Blue States are the most economically successful part of the country right now—which is why their taxes have been funneled to the Red States for decades. If the Republicans manage to do serious harm to those Blue State economies…well, then, rather a mess all around, eh what?

And thus we have an interesting situation. For long years, the Republicans have been going on about Trickle Down Economics, which in most cases has been a proven disaster. But the one place where it does sort of work… by transferring cash from successful economies to those that are in need… the GOP shuts down as soon as it can.

Sort of makes you wonder if they were ever really serious about enriching anyone but themselves…

Doesn’t it?