REBEL RAMPAGE Releases "IMMIGRATION MAN" - Liberal Resistance


The Los Angeles-based rock group, REBEL RAMPAGE, is known for its hard-hitting protest songs, one of which we covered earlier this year. Now, however, it has released something new, “Immigration Man”, which the group describes as “a modern rock interpretation of the 1972 protest song by Graham Nash.  The story illustrates the hardship and heartache associated with someone trying to enter the U.S. and the continuing frustrations with the entire immigration process.  Despite being written and released in the 70’s, REBEL RAMPAGE frontman Graham Czach (whose parents named him after Graham Nash) feels the track’s message means more now than ever.”

Just a word of warning. Immigration Man deals with the issue of immigrant rights, and with Trump’s gross violation of them, in a forthright and honest manner. That means it is a little difficult to watch. But it is the truth, and needs to be revealed.


Once you have seen it, the group suggests you take a moment to visit some of these web sites to donate or get active. So, join the band, and make some righteous noise.

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