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Rebel Rampage: Music With Meaning

As everyone knows we’re fond of music ‘round these Liberal Resistin’ parts…particularly when the music in question is kickass protest songs taking on Der Drumpf and/or the Plutocrats and Racists who put him into power. So, it probably won’t surprise you that we were overjoyed to discover Rebel Rampage, a new group whose mission in life is to make things uncomfortable for Our Current Kakistocracy. You can check out their work in the embedded player below.

The group describes itself as “…a protest rock power trio band in Los Angeles, CA whose mission statement is – “Armed with words and music to resist oppression by the government and inspire change for equality and justice!” RR is here to rally Americans through music to take action by standing up for constitutional rights and resisting the Trump administration. Our music is for the people, by the people!” But, we like to shorten that a bit by saying that they’re a damn fine bunch of musicians who…three cheers!…have a social conscience, something sorely needed in times like these.

Rebel Rampage consists of three musicians, Graham Czach (vocals, bass), Dylan McGee Jones on guitar, and Punky Balfour on drums. Czach also wrote the band’s principal song, “Resistance March.”

Right now, the group is working on its first studio album and has an Indiegogo campaign to fund it. You can see more about that here. Also, in other new developments, the band has announced that Angelo Moore of the group Fishbone will be a guest artist on the upcoming album.





So, definitely give this group a glance and keep it in mind for future purchases of music. Meanwhile, various places on the web where you can see the group and learn more about it are as follows: