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Real Immigration Reform (No wall necessary)

We need to stop going after poor migrant workers instead we should go after the businesses exploiting them and their labor.

It is very clear to me that Republicans want to have their cake and eat it too. That is to say they want to be able to block immigration to this country, but they still want to profit by the cheap and illegal labor. Essentially they want to be in a position to be better able to traffic in human beings and to exploit this undocumented labor pool and not have to fear any repercussions because their workers would be by and large be afraid of contacting any government agency.

People like Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and many others fought long and hard to secure even basic rights for the migrant workers that put food on most American tables. The reality was when it was left up only to the business owners many decided to treat their workers very cruelly. They had to fight to not be sprayed directly by pesticides when working in the fields. They had to fight to get access to even one working water hose while working in 90 and 100 degree fields. They even had to fight to get access to get even one working toilet per camp.

Countries like Switzerland and Norway have a high standard of living but also don’t need a wall to keep people out, and they have very low rates of undocumented workers. That’s because they go after the businesses that exploit any illegal labor. Have you ever heard a Republican or Trump even suggest we go after the businesses for exploiting undocumented labor? Well, I certainly never have. The mind set of the current Republican party is profits at any cost. They would never do anything that might reduce profit even if it is coming from an illegal source.

Another not often spoken known reason why there has never been a crackdown on some of this labor in this country is because it is being used to help prop up our Social Security system. Millions of undocumented people use false documents and actually do have social security taxes deducted withheld from their wages. That is essentially free money that goes into the Social Security system. As no liability is created because these people paying the taxes will never be able to draw any money from the system. So money goes in but none of it ever goes back to the people that paid it in. Social Security is well aware of this. They never reject any money coming in even when it should be obvious it is suspicious. In how many different cities and states can one person actually work providing labor at one time? Any business could figure out that most of these documents are fake but they don’t want to or care to. They want to be able to hire anyone as cheaply as possible and don’t bother to question or check the validity of documents.

So before we go spending billions to build a wall we should actually think about it logically and do what other countries have already done successfully.

Personally, I think we should have a program that allows migrant workers without legal problems in and out of the country. We don’t need crops rotting in the fields. They can check in and out at immigration along the border it could be as simple as having a visa scanned when they enter/exit the country. Many of the migrant workers would gladly return to their neighborhoods, friends, and families when not working in the off season.