Rape Culture: Fury and Shame - Liberal Resistance

Rape Culture: Fury and Shame

You may have noticed that LR Net has not spoken much about the ongoing story of Harvey Weinstein and his long list of alleged transgressions. Our silence does not reflect our failure to feel. We are, of course, aghast.

Why then have we not published more? Because we have not known quite what to say. How do you respond to this affront to human dignity? Coming as it does while we have a serial abuser in the White House, and others in the board rooms and control-rooms of media empires, and still more…well, everywhere?

We are bewildered. What words are strong enough? What apologies sufficiently sincere? What rage, in the face of what seems so pervasive a problem, is anything more than impotent?


After some reflection, and a little polling of those of us here in editorial, perhaps we will leave it at this:

The women of this publication say: #MeToo.

The men … we are so sorry. And we swear, by all that’s holy and good, we will work to make things better.

The Editors