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Putin-Trump Meeting: Blackmail Payoff?

Here’s an idea that never occurred to us. What if the very private meeting between Trump and Putin is part of a blackmail plot? And the meeting’s going to be so private because Trump is actually going to pass a check along to his dear pal Putin? It sounds bizarre, but writer and political analyst Pete Dinelli is suggesting that it just might be possible. On his blog, Dinelli writes, “Rumor has it that Trump will also be delivering a check in the amount of $130,000 made payable to Vladimir Putin drawn on the account of attorney Michael Cohen in exchange for the video he has of Trump with two prostitutes when he was in Moscow for his Miss American Pageant.”

Could such a thing be true? Is Dinelli even being entirely serious? Hard to say. But, you must confess, Dinelli has a great point when he notes that there is something fundamentally bizarre about the fact that the two men are meeting in such secrecy. There won’t even be aides present, much less anyone taking notes. You have to wonder if something kind of shady isn’t up.

So, maybe, it’s possible. Maybe there really is a “pee-pee tape,” to steal a line from at least one late night comedy program.

But, if so, then let’s hope that Dinelli is also right when he suggests that, in the end, Putin can’t be trusted. And maybe, in the end, Putin will also tape his meeting with 45 in Finland, and then pass on the recording to Robert Mueller the appropriate time.