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Protesters Stopping Child Migrant Buses

More good news about liberal Americans—protestors are stopping the buses meant to take migrant children to ICE’s detention centers. Check out this story by David Boddiger in Splinter, ICE Protests Spreading As Demonstrators Block Buses Transporting Migrant Children. It seems that people are actually using their bodies to block ICE buses and vans carrying children off to God alone knows where.

It is turning into a nation-wide effort, Boddiger writes. “In Manhattan, participants in the #OccupyICE movement are in their third day of protests at a local ICE processing center believed to be handling separated children. On Friday, over a dozen of the demonstrators linked arms and temporarily blocked an ICE van from exiting the facility with detained migrants. One protester was thrown to the ground before the van’s driver managed to force his way through the crowd with the help of immigration officers, who also linked arms to plow through the protesters.”

So bravo to everyone who is making this effort. It isn’t easy. It isn’t fun. And it probably isn’t safe. But it is the surest to heroism in this day and time.