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Protecting Yourself From A Fascist Government

Here are some tips for surviving an overtly fascist government:

Hong Kong protesters extinguished tear gas by putting traffic cones over the canister and pouring water in the hole in the top from a water bottle.  Then dropping it in a water jug to make sure it doesn’t re-ignite.  Backpacks help easily store more bottles of water.  

I saw another  video where the people being tear-gassed picked up the tear gas canisters with a glove and dropped it into a 2/3 full 5 gallon blue water jug.  Then one  can either put your foot on the opening of the jug to plug in the gasses until they disappear or quickly screw the cap on.  

I saw another great video where protesters picked up the canisters and hit them back at the police with tennis rackets. That one takes a little skill, but the perfect tennis serve would be quite effective.  

You can always make your own riot gear mask out of a 2 liter bottle.  I give this guy credit for coming up with this gem!

Here’s an inconvenient truth that doesn’t even involve Al Gore: the 2016 election was had by the Russians.  Expect the 2020 election to be even worse as the Cheesemander in Chief refuses to do anything about improving election security.  He is obviously depending on Russia for help again. Other nations like Canada are taking their election security very seriously. The main difference being they don’t have a traitor in high office blocking what is in the best interest of national security. The traitor slowly rots the nation from the inside out, making any blow from the outside more effective.