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Proper Pain Management with Marijuana

Currently, too many people in the United States can’t get proper pain management due to some other people’s addiction to opiate medication.  That leaves a lot of folks with legitimate pain needs that are not being properly addressed.  Because some addicts enjoy crushing and snorting  and otherwise misusing opiates (then consequently overdosing) many other people are  being denied proper pain management.

The reality is marijuana is one of the most effective pain relievers and it is safe to use.  No one has ever died of an overdose.   I REPEAT, IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND NOT EVEN ONE PERSON HAS EVER OVERDOSED.  Even with one of my painful joint tissue conditions, western medicine says marijuana does help relieve the pain.  However, western medicine says it helps only because it is “severe pain”.  Which makes absolutely no sense.  Are we all really expected to believe that marijuana can relieve “severe pain” but not any lesser degree of pain?  The reality is pharmaceutical companies want to be able to patent modified versions of THC and CBD and sell it in pill form for thousands of dollars a month versus something that can be naturally grown for only a few dollars.
Many different medical marijuana strains have been developed for their pain relieving qualities.  Any knowledgeable local dispensary can help point you in the right direction.  After several weeks of use the body may become adjusted to a specific strain of medical marijuana and then it’s pain relieving properties may begin to diminish.  So it may be necessary to find 3 different strains to put in rotation every two or three weeks.  In other words use strain A for 2 or 3 weeks, then strain B for 2 or 3 weeks, then strain C for 2 or 3 weeks and then repeat process beginning with Strain A again.  Following a pattern such as this will allow a patient to get better pain relieving results while also using the least amount of medical marijuana.  I may not be a doctor but I have had chronic pain for almost a decade.
As much as the United States government would like to pretend that we know absolutely nothing about pain management with marijuana we as taxpayers have been paying for research in Israel for decades through congressional funding.  I have a hard time believing after decades of research that nothing has been learned.
So until someone releases a better pain relieving protocol this is what I would recommend.  Can we please just stop the nonsense of pretending that no one knows anything about proper pain management with marijuana?  The problem is in The United States nothing is allowed to happen unless some large corporation is allowed to make a huge profit.  Large corporations do not want a $5 natural treatment to exist when they can potentially sell a $2,000 treatment at a huge profit.