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Progressive Troglodytes

So here’s something interesting. Recently, we saw an article on the BBC website about underground farming. It seems there are some serious academics (we mean, very learned individuals) who are suggesting the UK could address some of its food supply problems by taking old coal mines and turning them into underground farms.

They are quite serious about this. They envision tunnels filled with hydroponic tanks, illuminated by LEDs or even sunlight imported from the surface, and producing tons (or tonnes, given that they are British) of vegetables every month. And, for the UK, this would be important, given that the nation imports an awful lot of its food from abroad.

Will it happen? Will the UK ever become a nation of troglodyte farmers and Morlock agriculturalists? Honestly, we don’t know. And we certainly don’t know whether the concept could be imported here. Do you suppose the coal miners who were so angry at Obama in West Virginia might find new careers in the production of carrots?

Too soon to tell, but it is a potent idea. It shows that there are alternatives. Even as our coal mines prove increasingly unprofitable in an age of renewables, there could be new uses for the mines themselves, and new jobs for the miners who labored in them. Maybe it won’t be farming, but it would be something…

All that is required is that Trump and his people get out of the way…

And let real progress happen.