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Pro-Choice Is the People’s Choice

It is now more or less certain that a Supreme Court stuffed with Trumpian judges and dominated by the extreme Right is going to go after women’s reproductive rights. Already, the “pro-life” movement is eyeing Roe v. Wade and planning its demise.

The problem? Anti-abortion extremism is popular among certain voters, but not among the majority of Americans. In a recent article in ThinkProgress, Frank Dale notes that polling indicates that support for pro-choice policies are at an all time high in this country. “Seventy-one percent of U.S. voters, including 52 percent of Republicans, do not believe the ruling should be reversed. Only 23 percent of respondents say Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Support for the ruling has risen six percentage points since 2005 and 13 percentage points since 1989,” he writes.

Thus the GOP and the Right face an interesting dilemma. If they are to keep their supporters happy, then they must do everything they can to ban abortion (and after that, who knows? Maybe birth control). But if they succeed in doing that, they will almost certainly offend the vast majority of voters.

Of course, as the election 2016 revealed, majorities don’t necessarily mean much in an age of Gerrymandering, hacked voting machines, and a gross imbalance of power between states with large populations and those which do not, but, still, in the long term there will be consequences. You cannot go about offending over seventy percent of the nation’s voters and not expect to…as it were…abort some of your own projects along the way.

The Little Professor