President Trump is
 Russia’s Revenge
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President Trump is
 Russia’s Revenge

President Trump is Russia’s Trojan Horse.

The Cold War with Russia was a geopolitical, ideological, and economic struggle between two world superpowers, the USA and the USSR. It started in 1947 at the end of the Second World War, and it lasted until the dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991 that resulted in the collapse of the economy and the breakup of the Russian empire.

America bankrupted Russia with the arm’s race. Now Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants to get even by giving America President Donald Trump to create chaos, collapse the economy and bankrupt the American empire.

Putin gifted America with Donald Trump.

Putin weaponized social media and launched a multi-pronged military attack on our political system to help Donald Trump become President of the United States… an ingenious scheme.

America has a president who is not just a Russian asset selling out American. Trump is not just Putin’s attack dog. Trump is an unleashed disaster. Trump is the mad king, the loose cannon on deck, the unguided missile in the White House with multiple war heads exploding in all directions shredding us with chaos.

President Trump is Putin’s revenge on America. 

Trump is the world’s greatest liar, a con man extraordinary, a walking crime syndicate, an egotistical dictator with a god complex, a speed-snorting sociopath, a moral toxic waste sight, a malignant brain tumor, et al.

Trump is the “waster” spoken of by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah who destroys everything he touches enriching and aggrandizing himself.

“Former U.S. Ambassador To Russia: Putin Got Just What He Wanted With Trump ‘Chaos’” by Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post.

The withdrawal of the American leadership creates an “extraordinary” vacuum for Putin, says Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia. Putin’s multi-pronged attack on the U.S. presidential election won him just what he wanted: the “chaos” created by Trump to weaken and destroy the American Empire from within without firing a shot.

The Russian assault on our election involved several “modalities,” including hacked emails, social media manipulation, and million-dollar campaign contributions.

“It was a comprehensive strategy on multiple fronts, trying to influence the outcome of the election,” and put Trump in the White House.

When Trump won, Putin didn’t get any “short-term payout,” such as the lifting of sanctions against Russia, McFaul noted. “But the chaos that President Trump has caused to the Western Democratic world, not only within our own country but within the alliance, within the EU, that is exactly what Vladimir Putin wants.

The corruption of the American leadership creates a vacuum for Vladimir Putin. The long-term payout has been extraordinary for him.”

Putin helped Trump become President to help destroy America from within.

The shear simplicity of simply stacking the deck to help Trump get elected president betting that this sociopath would probably bankrupt the America empire, gives Putin the winning hand. Giving America President Trump is like giving America mad cow disease.

Putin has been cultivating Trump as an asset for years.

The Trump crime organization has been laundering money in his real estate deals with Russian oligarchs with close ties to Putin for years. Deutsche bank is notorious for laundering money for Putin and his Russian oligarchs. They are the only bank that would lend (Russian money) to Trump after he bankrupted his casinos.

Putin saw a golden opportunity to engineer the election to help Trump win and give America a President who will implement Russia’s agenda… and, as a bonus, put a flawed individual in power who is totally corrupt with the potential to disrupt and bankrupt the American Empire just as he bankrupted his casinos.

Trump is not “our president”.

The Russian’s manipulated the election in Trump’s favor, which makes the results of the election invalid, which makes Trump’s presidency illegitimate. Trump is not our President.

We know that Trump’s election campaign coordinated with the Russians to rig the election; and we also know that nothing in the Trump organization happens without Trump’s approval.

The plot thickens…

Trump has not been impeached because Republicans in Congress are enablers in the Trump-Russian plot. There are Trump Republicans in Congress who are compromised by Russian money channeled through the NRA.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)

McConnell has been an ardent Trump supporter, and now he’s blocking a bill to protect the special counsel’s Trump-Russia investigation. Why? … perhaps McConnell and other Republicans in Congress do not want to be investigated along with Trump for criminal collusion and treasonous collaboration with the Russians against the United States?

Donald Trump and the political action committees for Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham got a share of the $7.5 million in contributions from a Ukrainian-born billionaire Leonard Blavatnik who is the business partner of two of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs.

Mitch McConnell was the top recipient of Blavatnik’s donations, collecting $2.5 million from his GOP Senate Leadership Fund.

Trump could not last in day in office without Republicans in Congress ignoring his criminal behavior and protecting him.

Trump Republicans are covering up Trump’s crimes to stay in power and avoid the Muller Investigation reaching into the Congress-Russian connection… because they might be targets of the investigation.

To the Republicans in Congress:

Trump is a traitor; but he is their traitor. Trump is a pathological liar; but he is telling their lies. Trump is a career criminal; but his is their President no matter how criminal and corrupt. Thump is a dictator; but he is their dictator. Trump Republicans in Congress have failed to hold Russia and Trump accountable. Republicans refuse to protect the special counsel’s investigation from President Trump (who is the subject under investigation); just the opposite, they are attacking Mueller and the investigation.

Trump Republicans in Congress have betrayed this nation, they have sold out America to the Russians to stay in power. They have sold their souls to the devil Donald Trump.

The special counsel is getting closer to convicting Trump’s family and Trump himself.

The Mueller investigation is relentlessly revealing bigger crimes and closer ties to Putin as we descend down deeper into Trump’s swamp of depravity.

“Putin says US dominance is ending after mistakes ‘typical of an empire’”

Putin gave America President Trump to make the mistakes that threaten to destroy the American Empire.

Tolerating Republicans in Congress who tolerate Trump’s criminality and treason is the greatest mistake loyal Americans could ever make.

We live in the weird world of Trumps lies.

As much as the majority of Americans despise the man, Trump enjoys one of the steadiest approval ratings in modern history. Some 40% of voters approve of Trump in spite of mounting revelations about his crimes.

Vladimir Putin claims that America’s global dominance is coming to an end, with the U.S. itself accelerating that process with a string of mistakes “typical of an empire.” Putin should know, he gave us Trump.

Putin helped put Trump in the Oval Office, and Trump is making that growing string of “mistakes”.

The Cold War has morphed into the Cyber War with Russia.

Putin weaponized social media and unleashed a cyberattack on our elections to help Trump win. Putin helped put Trump office, and now Putin has kompromat he can blackmail Trump with. Putin has Trump in the White House aiding the Russia agenda giving comfort to the enemy while selling out America. But the real “mistake” is having this sociopath in the White House, in power creating chaos undermining our democratic institutions and bankrupting the nation the way he bankrupted his businesses.

Who knew that Trump would be far more despicable and dangerous than a crook like Nixon?

Putin criticized the U.S. for implementing sanctions against Russia and other nations, arguing that doing so undermined trust in the dollar as the world’s universal currency.

Trump gifted a trillion-dollar tax cut to billionaires and their mega rich corporations. He gave the middle-class peanuts, and raised taxes on the 50% at the bottom. He also has made a mess of health insurance and through the roof for the vast majority of Americans. Trump started a trade war that is killing jobs.

The rich took Trump’s trillion-dollar tax cut and spent a trillion dollars buying back stock in their companies instead of expanded business or providing higher paying jobs.

The trillion-dollar stock buy-back has overheated the stock market creating a bubble that has begun to burst. Trump’s tax cut for the rich added $1.5 trillion the deficit, which is at $21 trillion and getting ready to explode. In the Housing Market Collapse of 2008 and the economic meltdown, the government borrowed $10 trillion in the recovery. Now that we have a national debt of $21 trillion and rising, the government does not have the credit to borrow another $10 trillion to bail the nation out of another economic meltdown; and we could be thrown into another Great Depression.

Trump is bankrupting the United States the way he bankrupted his casinos to enrich himself. He has given the wealth of the nation to the obscenely wealthy while selling out the middle class and robbing the poor. Trump is deficit spending the nation into bankruptcy.

Odd… Trump tried to life the sanctions on Russia, but the Republican Congress refused.

Now Trump wants to lift sanctions on companies owned by a Russian oligarch who was targeted over Russian interference in the 2016 election, reports Bloomberg.

President Trump just handed Syria to President Putin. 

President Trump defied the advice of his top military advisors, and ordered a complete withdrawal of US Troops from Syria — creating a power vacuum that will be filled by Russia… just as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin told him to. It could not get better for Putin.

Putin lectures America on the damage he has done by helping to elect Trump.

Putin warned, “An empire always thinks that it can allow itself to make some little mistakes, take some extra costs, because its power is such that they don’t mean anything. But the quantity of those costs, those mistakes inevitably grows. And the moment comes when it can’t handle them, neither in the security sphere or the economic sphere.”

Putin attacked our election to help Trump win, now he owns Trump.

But Trump always stiff’s contractors, business partners and foreign governments he conspires with. 

Trump is Putin’s tool doing Putin’s bidding. What is far worse, Trump is in the Oval Office where he can’t handle the security or the economic sphere.

Putin put Trump in the White House as an asset. However, making Trump president is more like dropping a bunker bomb on our economy, damaging our alliances that oppose Russian interests, turning our democracy into a dictatorship, dividing, polarizing the nation over the issue of White Supremacy and immigration, and pushing us into a race war.

It’s all for the greater glory of Donald Trump 

“Spit on Trump” – Vladimir Putin goes nuclear against his longtime puppet Donald Trump Bill Palmer | December 2, 2018

One of Putin’s puppet political pundits is now saying that Russia “should spit on Trump and the United States.” To be clear, this pundit wouldn’t be saying this unless Putin told him to say it. So why is this happening?

We believe Putin is trying to accomplish two things here. First, he’s given up on his original goal of getting multibillion-dollar sanctions relief out of Donald Trump, which is clearly never going to happen, and he’s now settling for Plan B, which is to simply damage Trump in a manner which will leave the United States and the West in chaos.

Second, Putin is trying to convince his own people that the Trump-Russia scandal is all Trump’s fault, in the hope that Putin will remain insulated from it when Trump meets his downfall. Even Putin knows that Trump’s days are numbered.

Jim Jones and Donald Trump have a lot in common.

Jim Jones was the founder of the Peoples Temple, a cult which he began in Indiana during the 1950s. Jones was a charismatic leader responsible for the mass suicide of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana.

Jones ended up giving his followers Cool aid laced with poison for their last supper. Apparently, he wanted them to die with him in a suicide ritual.

Will Trump resign and face life in prison, or will Trump try to take us with him like Jim Jones? Is Trump giving the nation leadership and inspiration or is Trump serving us Jim-Jones Cool Aid?

First, we must depose King Trump for his betrayal and treason then go after Putin with a vengeance.

Far better to impeach Trump and imprison his co-conspirators than Democracy should perish, civil war should erupt in the streets and the economy should collapse.

The fact-free weird world of Donald Trump has become our daily insane reality.

Trump wakes up early every day to start tweeting and spreading disruption and division within our political system with his lies and conspiracy theories creating the chaos that benefits Putin while the Republican party stands on the sidelines cheering Trump’s criminal and treasonous behavior.

The solution is simple.

First, the Resistance calls Bank of America in solidarity, overloading their phones, disrupting business as usual, until Republicans in the Senate impeach Trump for high crimes and treason to avoid Bank of America going bankrupt.

Second, the Resistance calls and boycott the Russian VTB Bank in New York, London, and Frankfort. Call from outside of Russian where it is safe to call.

Simply call to inform the bank that you will not tolerate a Communist Russian bank controlled by President Putin on American, British, and German soil. Tell “VTB Bank get the hell out.”

Ukraine kicked VTB Bank out. The National Bank of Ukraine on December 18 took steps to terminate the banking license of Kyiv’s VTB Bank controlled by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin because of the corruption.

Demonstrators peacefully protest outside VTB Bank offices in New York, London and Frankfort making news that will go viral on the internet, and spread the Phone Protest to Mother Russia.

Unleash fear and trembling among the Russian people concerned about the safety of their money in the banks in Russia (that are not trustworthy to begin with) and start a run on the banks.

Fire a signal flare in the sky to set off a stampede in Russia among the better part of 144 million people with money in the corrupt banks in Russia. No matter how much people in Russia fear Putin’s dictatorship, they will fear losing their money in a run on the banks far more. A run on the banks in Russia will topple the Putin regime.

The United States is in a Cyber War with Russia, we need to weaponize our phones and start fighting back.

We mobilize the Resistance and weaponize our smart phones. We recruit Phone Commandos to start calling Bank of America and go viral on social media to bring a multitude of protesters to the phones to shutdown Bank of America to force Trump Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump lest the lose Bank of America and suffer a meltdown on Wall Street.

It’s payback time.

Next, call VTB in New York, London and Frankfort to over load their phones and disrupt their business. Social network, go viral and spread the word to active protesters around the globe to join in calling; and give Russia an International monetary crisis, which will set off a run on the VTB Bank inside Russian causing an economic meltdown, undermining and collapsing the Putin Regime.

Call VTB Bank, cripple their business, and send our regards to Russia with love.