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Politico To Trumpists: Change The Channel!

We love the most recent issue of Politico, The Trump Show Is Over, edited by Stephen Heuser. In it, the folks at Politico look at the curious relationship between Trump, the Trump White House, the Republican Party, and the media. There are several fascinating articles in the piece, and all should be given a good hard look.

That said, the writers say that Trump the politician may have a similar career as Trump the reality TV star. He starts off strong, and then there is a disastrous season two. Things get worse and worse, until finally, waaay too late, there’s a cancelation—though, that may not happen this time. Michael Kruse, in his piece “How the Trump Show Gets Old,” warns us that the even as the “ratings” go down, and Congress goes Blue, Trump may be able to survive past 2020 by being the darling of the airwaves.

Also interesting is Ruth Graham’s piece, “Church of The Donald: Never mind Fox. Trump’s most reliable media mouthpiece is now Christian TV.” In it, she looks at how Trump has somehow “colonized” Christian broadcasting. It is a very disturbing piece, and may explain something of Trump’s bizarre appeal to Evangelicals.

Oh, and be sure to check out “The Puzzle of Sarah Huckabee Sanders” by Jason Schwartz. In it, he looks at how “a bright, competent and likable young operative became the face of the most duplicitous press operation in White House history.”

But all the pieces are interesting. So, definitely, head over to Politico and see what they’re saying about the Media.