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Plastic Haired White Boys; or Putting the White back into the White House

Plastic White Male Doll

Lots of discussion of this photo of the outgoing White House pledge class.

Oh, my! Vice President Pence in the presence of nubile young women,
and his dutiful (long suffering) wife is nowhere in sight! I guess
they sent the Vice President out for this pic instead of the President
because he is less likely to grab anyone by the pussy.

But they do seem a bit, um, uniform, shall we say. Hmmm… What’s missing?

My name for this is the Plastic Haired White Boys.

I can’t say I blame all the racial and ethnic minority teens for not
wanting to work in the Trump White House, but this does have the
effect, on top of calls to build a wall at the Mexican border and to
prohibit entry from various Muslim majority nations, of perpetuating
the perception that the America Trump thinks is great is a very, very
white America.

That’s what “conservatives” in the United States have always wanted.

William F. Buckley, who defined modern, U.S. “conservatism,” risibly
referring to himself as a man “standing athwart history, yelling
‘stop!’,” wrote, in dulcet tones of deep, deep regret, to defend
racial segregation on the grounds that the poor darkies were just not
yet up to participating equally with all those fine, upstanding
Klansmen. So sad to say it.

“Conservatives,” of course, oppose change on principle. Given that our
nation had slavery at its founding, then continued to treat the freed
slaves and their descendants as second class citizens for at least a
century after ending legal slavery, opposing change means to advocate
continued overt discrimination on the basis of “race” in the United

A president who wanted to ameliorate the problem of continuing
discrimination on the basis of “race,” a “liberal” in the impoverished
terms of our political debates, could take any number of steps to do
so. Whom that president hired as White House interns would be a
relatively minor act in the quest to combat racial discrimination.

Pence distributed the pic as a tweet with the following text: “Great
work by the Fall 2017 Page Class, who graduate this week and will
return to their homes across the country. Spoke with them about their
work on the Hill and what they plan to do to help our Nation in the
future. Inspiring group!”

I don’t know. I didn’t do it, and I’ve never met anyone who has. But
it seems pretty obvious that one of the major benefits of having
served in this capacity is that it helps a lot with various sorts of
life opportunities back home, which is what Pence alludes to in his

Who knows? Maybe one or more of these young people will grow up to
strike a major blow against racism in the future. Given the
exceedingly poor history of white Republicans in this area since the
ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment in 1868, this seems highly
unlikely, but anything is possible.

The president of the United States is unusual in being both the head
of state and the head of government. In prime minister systems, the
prime minister is the head of government, the person who handles the
business of governing, while the president is a mostly symbolic
figurehead who provides to the people and the world some sense of who
the nation is as a nation. One of the big problems the white
supremacists had with Obama as president was that they did not like
having a noticeably melanin tinged man representing the United States
to the rest of the world. He certainly didn’t look like them, and they
did not like having to think of themselves as living in a nation that
could have such a man at its head.

Boy, they got what they wanted with the Donald as white as they come,
he is making sure that he keeps the people who help in the White House
as white as possible.

Pence’s tweet and photo are more than symbolic, but they are that as well.

It speaks to what kind of America Trump and Pence want to live in.
Looks pretty Wonder bread.

They don’t much care about our citizens who have discernible melanin
in their skin, or those of us who were perfectly happy with a melanin
tinged president