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Plastic Haired White Boys – and some Girls – Redux

Plastic White Male Doll

William B. Turner

Demographers report that white people will soon be the minority in the United States. The Latinx, African American, and Asian American populations are all growing rapidly, in some cases more rapidly than the population of “white” people, which isn’t growing at all.

But you’d never know that if you looked at the recent photo of White House interns that is circulating on Twitter. As one wag put it, the photo is a Where’s Waldo for any visibly minority faces in the very, very white crowd.

This observation begs the question: why would any self-respecting racial or ethnic minority person want to work for the so called president? He started his campaign by saying that most Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers and promising to build a wall at the Mexican border to stop anyone from getting into the United States too easily, and by promising to stop all entry by Muslims into the country.

The Muslim ban looked very easy to execute, with just an executive order, but has proven very difficult to enforce because courts keep issuing injunctions against its enforcement.

The wall has proven harder to execute because the so called president initially promised that he would make Mexico pay for it, which has not worked out at all well, and now that his idiotic proposal has fallen through, he has to find a way to pay for it.

He did recently put on a small dog and pony to brag about progress building his silly wall, but his tweet showing photos purportedly of new wall construction actually showed repairs to an existing section of border wall that began in 2009.

So all those very, very “white” young people are working for a man who denigrates and demonizes members of minority groups, attempts unlawful policy initiatives, and lies about his own putative success.

No wonder very few black or brown people want to work for him. Can you blame them?