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Plan B and Plan C

Well, “Plan A” didn’t work out so well.  That whole idea about the Senate as part of the Legislative Branch being a check to Presidential power apparently just doesn’t work out so well when they’ve all been bought by Russia.

So maybe Plan B should be for a bunch of the American people to mail Donald Trump coupons for a “Free Big Mac.” Just imagine that fat, insatiable fascist pig with the idea of MORE McDonald’s and unlimited “Free Big Macs” rolling around in that thick skull.  He already looks like he was ready for a massive coronary a decade ago.

Just imagine if we put notes in their like, “Dear Mr. President, You’re the Best President Ever!  Our little Jimmy saved up his allowance for 2 whole weeks just so you could enjoy this FREE Big Mac on him because he says you work so hard.”  Do you really think fat orange Hitler could pass up eating little Jimmy’s Big Mac?  I don’t think so.

I haven’t totally figured out Plan C, but I think it involves people on the left encouraging any younger people that have previously registered as Republicans or are at least willing to register as a Republican that aren’t likely old KGB assets or part of the current slow moving coup to run for office and challenge the incumbents.  I think its time we got rid of the Geriatric Mutant Nazi Turtles in the Senate.  They have become a little too toxic.  Right now we can’t make any progress as a nation because of all the installed Soviet Lamp posts unwilling to budge.  The are willing to do nothing other than be bought.  I know this sounds like a unicorn search: Republicans that are not a complete far-right extreme assholes, but maybe he or she exists. I’m pretty sure the job pays the same ridiculous amount of money FOR LIFE whether there’s an R or D behind someone’s name.  I don’t think there’s a lot of thinking going on in Team Trump.  Racist Republicans would probably even elect their very own squad if her names sounded like she was a really old man with tons of white privilege.  We’d at least get two strikes at removing the compromised incumbents that way. 



Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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