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The Phone Protester’s Workshop….

by Marc Keyser author of TheResistance.Blog


Remember the song by the Beatles that goes, “Say you want a revolution?”

Say you are outraged at the Parkland school shooting…. And you want the President and Congress to regulate the sale of assault weapons, and you’ve had it with NRA bribing the members of Congress with obscene campaign contributions.

Say you want to save the Dreamers… and stop the deportations of hard working in-document immigrants, and you want Trump to stop making them a scape goat, and dividing this nation by fueling White Nationalism. 

Say you want to repeal the Trump tax bill for billionaires that gives a teacher an extra $1.50 in her paycheck each week, and gives Bank of America a $3 billion-dollar tax cut. You want a just and fair tax bill that gives ordinary people a decent tax cut and taxes obscenely rich billionaires and their super rich corporations to pay for it…. without adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt and without robbing Social Security and Medicare and Medical.

Say you want healthcare for everyone not just for the rich who can afford it.

Say you support special counsel Mueller’s investigation of Trump… and you want Trump brought to justice for obstruction of justice, money laundering, and collusion with the Russians to rig the election.

Say you agree with Bill Maher that Trump is “ plainly a traitor, who doesn’t defend his own country.” And you want him impeached, and the election nullified because Trump colluded with the Russians to win. Congress must declare Hillary Clinton the rightful President of the United States of America… because Trump cheated to win, and when you cheat to win in America you lose. We want Trump impeached and all the terrible things Trump and the Trump Republicans in Congress have done undone. Or Congress can watch Bank of America and Merrill Edge go under and faces a meltdown on Wall Street. It’s their choice.

“Say you want a revolution…” well don’t hate— mass communicate. Don’t let your silence be your submission to Trump’s oppression.

If you think the old-fashioned way of protesting in the streets is passé, we have a fix for that. It’s called Phone Protesting, and here’s how it works. 

The Phone Protest

Turn your smartphone into a powerful weapon for social revolution.

We do everything else on line, so why not use our smartphones to protest. The question is who do we call to get things done in Congress? How do we force Congress to meet our demands?

We don’t call our Congress person, we call Bank of America instead because that’s where the money is, and that’s who owns our representatives in Congress.

Bank of America is an international crime syndicate operating under cover as a bank. They are responsible for the criminal Mortgage Fraud that collapsed the housing market in 2008 and caused the economic meltdown on Wall Street that ruined millions of home owners, nearly collapsed our economy and left the nation an additional $10 trillion dollars in debt paying for the damages. Instead of massive fines and prison sentences. Bank of America had their bought-off members of Congress bail them out, and give them a $3 billion dollar cut.

We call Fox News because Fox News is the mouth piece for Trump and the Trump Republicans in Congress. Fox News is the single most corrupt, propagandizing fake news on earth (except for Shepard Smith)

Calling in solidarity, we jam their phones and disrupt their business and cost Bank of America and Fox News a great deal of money until they bend to The Will of the People.

The Phone Protest empowers people.

We call in our spare time and jam their phones and disrupt their business and unleash fire and fury on Bank of America and Fox News. We call in solidarity to shut up Fox News and shut down Bank America. We send the Republicans in Congress the Resistance Memo.

The two-pronged denial of service attack on Bank of America and Fox News.

We protest by phone and disrupt business as usual at Bank of America/ Merrill Edge. At the same time, we call Fox News advertisers to put public pressure on them to drop Fox News like hot rock. 

Why call Bank of America? Because that’s where money is!

Bank of America can’t afford to lose customers in a run on the bank, and Congress can’t afford to lose Bank of Bank and face a financial meltdown on Wall Street- which is already reeling from the recent crash. We simply need to occupy Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Edge, crash their communications, and disrupt business to ignite a run on the bank to create a financial crisis on Wall Street to force Congress to meet our demands.

Why call Fox News? Because Fox News is a propaganda machine for Trump.

Call their advertisers, disrupt their business, cost them money, and we make the news to spread the news of the Phone Protest around the globe.

The how to Phone Protest

TAKE TO THE STREETS: March on Bank of America and Merrill Edge. Demonstrate in front of each branch. Picket TV stations that carry Fox News.

TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT: Go inside the bank by the hundreds to talk to a representative and tell them you won’t bank there. Get in their face. Take your money out of Bank of America and Merrill Edge, but keep your account open so you can go inside and stand in line to block the lines and make banking there a nightmare for customers.  Call major advertisers and convince them to drop Fox News because of the damage it will do to their business if they advertise with Fox News.

TAKE TO THE PHONES: Call the local numbers of Bank of America/Merrill Edge by the thousands, and jam the phones and disrupt business as usual. Call Fox News and their major advertisers. Everyone is welcome to join in calling and become a die-hard caller. Your six-year old may turn into a dynamite Phone Protester.

TAKE TO EMAIL by the hundreds of thousands, and crash their servers. Disrupt their communications.

TAKE TO TWITTER AND FACEBOOK Social network and activate people around the globe to call Merrill Edge by the millions. Destroy their brand name. Cripple their communications, disrupt their business, and give them a run on the bank. Call and cripple business at For News.

WE MUST SPEAK TO THOSE IN POWER FROM A POSITION OF POWER. Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Edge with non-violent, non-cooperation on a global scale. Disrupt business as usual until investors panic and crash their stock, and depositors panic and start a run on the bank.

THE COALITION OF CALLERS each organization that sponsors the Phone Protest has their demand on the list of demands that Congress will meet or lose Bank of America.

We call and convince major advertisers to pull their advertising at Fox News to avoid the chaos on their phones that could have a negative impact on their bottom line. We make it too costly, too controversial for affiliate stations to carry Fox News. We generate un-limited news coverage from Fox News because they are the target of the Phone Protest.

Take control of the phones and disrupt business at Bank of America/Merrill Edge and Fox News; this gives us leverage to negotiate with Congress from a position of strength.

We are citizens, we are consumers with God given and Constitutional Rights to call and complain; and we have Bank of America and Fox News outnumbered. There are hundreds of millions of us in the United States and nearly 3 billion around the globe with smartphones who hate President Trump, this Republican Congress, Bank of America and Fox News.

We have the right and the social responsibility to call. If Bank of America/Merrill Edge can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines when their phones are mobbed, their business goes under, and their customers panic and start a run on Bank of America … that’s their problem.

We have the right to fill social media with verbal complaints of against Bank of America, Merrill Edge and Fox News, and call out their anti-social, criminal behavior. We have every right to encourage consumers around the globe to join us in calling and boycotting Bank of America/Merrill Edge and Fox News to make this a problem for Congress.

We choose to call and non-cooperate on a massive scale.

Give Congress a financial crisis on Wall Street so costly that the fallout forces these corrupt Trump-Republicans in Congress to impeach President Trump… just to save Bank of America from going under; and stave off a meltdown on Wall Street.

Congress can have our cooperation when Congress protects the Mueller investigation, and impeaches Trump, and meets our demands. Then and only then will we stop calling Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and allow them to conduct their business unimpeded. Fox News will end their lying, Nazi propaganda, or we will rain down fire and fury on the phones and put them out of business.

A word of caution to Phone Protesters

If Congress does not impeach Trump right now and the Phone Protest goes international and millions of protesters join in calling, Bank of America/Merrill Edge could go bankrupt, and we could lose Fox News… but we must be prepared to make sacrifices.

Marc Keyser