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Petition:Ben & Jerry Are Back (And Bernie’s Got ‘Em)

We don’t normally mention petitions on LR net, but this one is kind of fun. Ben and Jerry, the ice cream guys (whose products have probably done more to cure depression than all the Prozac on the planet) are urging Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2020.

Here at the magazine, we’re sort of uncertain who we’re going to back in the next presidential race, but we know that Sanders is a great chap and we’d vote fcor him if he’s the candidate. So, we were pleased when we saw that Ben and Jerry are promoting a petition asking Bernie to run. If you agree that he should, you can sign it here.

And if you’re eager to see Ben and Jerry’s original message, maybe as a substitute for having the big bowl of ice cream that your cardiologist says you should eat any more (sigh), it’s as follows:

Yes, there are several potential presidential candidates whose policy proposals make a lot of sense but when it comes down to it, we are STILL YEARNING FOR BERNIE!

He’s the only one who has been consistent in his principles for the last 37 years in public office; the only one who has long term experience in both the House and the Senate, so he knows what he’s up against; and the only one who can build on a deep existing base of tens of millions of supporters like us. Like you.

We’re still yearning for Bernie because he’s still yearning to end wealth and income inequality.

And we’re yearning for Bernie because we know he can get Big Money out of politics and create a system that works for all of us. Let’s elect a president who refuses to be bought out by special interests and corporate lobbyists.

Sign this petition and be a part of convincing Bernie Sanders to run for President.

We’re supporting him because the next President of the United States will decide the fate of this country and our planet, and we believe Bernie is the best person for the job.

Add your name to our petition now and be a part of convincing Bernie to run for president.

In solidarity,

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
Co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream