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Paul Ryan, Bald Faced Liar

William B. Turner

So much news that isn’t news these days. Stories that responsible news outlets need to report on telling us what we already knew, about how stunningly incompetent is the so called president being an obvious candidate for this category.

A news that isn’t news story that no major outlet has yet reported as such – for some reason, responsible reporters still hesitate to say this, no matter how overwhelming the evidence – is that Paul Ryan is a bald faced liar.

This has been obvious for years, but he is really putting the eyebrows on it, to borrow a phrase from Frank Zappa, with his current push to blame “entitlement spending” for the recent huge increase in the federal budget deficit.

Does he really think that the reality of the situation, entirely different from what he describes, is not blindingly obvious to any fool? Please tell me you’re joking.

Ryan, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, played a major role in enacting last year’s huge Republican tax cut that promises deficits of one trillion dollars during the current fiscal year, a possibility Republicans loudly deplored when Obama was president.

But this has been the Republican bait and switch since Reagan – sell the public on a tax cut, always an easy (snow) job – then raise a great hue and cry about how those terrible deficits require major cuts in federal spending, always at the expense of ordinary people who got little or no benefit from the tax cut.

Unfortunately, too many of the ordinary people keep falling for this ruse and voting Republican. We can hope that maybe, now that the so called president has ripped the thin veneer of civility off of this charade, it will help people realize how Republicans have been mistreating them for decades.

Ryan’s brazen lying about the reasons for growing deficits may also help expose the bait and switch. He particularly wants to cut Social Security and Medicare, which only compounds the lie. We now have two lies built into one.

First, the real cause of exploding deficits is the Republican tax cut that Ryan helped enact last year. Second, Social Security and Medicare cannot contribute to deficits in the general budget by definition because those two programs get all of their funds from dedicated payroll taxes and are entirely separate from the federal budget.

So Paul Ryan is currently broadcasting two lies to the nation as a whole in the guise of trying to promote bad public policy. Attempts to cut Social Security have consistently gone down in flames since the program’s inception. We shall see if Ryan has any more luck than any of his granny starving predecessors.