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Papadopoulos & Trump: A Very Bad Spy Spoof

Coming under the heading of “Say what?”

We learned recently, via an article by Josh Meyer in Politico, that George Papadopoulos told a Greek newspaper last year that he had very close connections with the Donald Trump campaign, and that Trump himself basically offered him his choice of any important job he wanted in the new administration. Exactly what it was that Papadopoulos did to warrant such a lavish reward is unclear.

What does it all mean? Well, that’s kind of hard to say. But, whatever Papadopoulos did or didn’t do for the Trumpsters, it is clear that he was way closer to the action than the Administration would later admit. And mind you, this is coming on top of Robert Mueller is investigating whether Michael Flynn was part of a plot to kidnap a Turkish opposition leader living in the U.S….in return for big money. And then there’s the Wikileaks mess.

So, truth to be told, this whole administration is taking on an odd covert action scent, but with distinct overtones of total incompetence.

In fact… did you ever see one of those spy spoof movies? Austin Powers, or, going back a few decades, Our Man Flint or the Allen and Rossi vehicle, The Last Of The Secret Agents (both 1966)? The sort of movie where complete idiots wander from disaster to disaster in the mistaken belief that they’re international playboys and superhuman to boot?

Well, we don’t know about you, but we sort of have the feeling that, somehow, we have wandered onto the set of just such a production, and no one can tell us how to exit, stage left…