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Panama Papers – More on Malta

By Peter Salus

Recently, Liberal Resistance writer Peter Salus has been covering corruption in the Mediterranean island of Malta. Today he sends us this piece from the Maltese “Times.”

To summarize, David Casa, seemingly one of the few anti-corruption politicians in the country, has come into possession of what he claims is a fully finished report by Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit.

The report called for an investigation into Maltese government minister Konrad Mizzi over his appearance in the 2015 Panama Papers. Those who have been following recent stories will know that the Panama Papers’ links to Malta were of special interest to journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was murdered by car bomb in October on the orders of persons unknown.

Having completed the report which implicated Mr. Mizzi, the FIAU apparently decided it was best to bury it. They are threatening legal action against Mr. Casa for his claims that the report was deliberately suppressed.

As we all know, only innocent people with nothing to hide ever threaten legal action over documents they claim do not exist. It would seem that the Maltese FIAU may be every bit as corrupt as… Well, the rest of Malta.