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Panama Papers – Malta, Part II

Peter H. Salus 

[Editor’s Note: Liberal Resistance writer Peter Salus recently published a piece on an under-reported story from October, when Maltese journalist and noted anti-corruption campaigner Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered by car bomb. Caruana Galizia was a vocal critic of the government of Malta, a small island nation near Sicily.]

In under 24 hours I received two notes questioning my comments on the government of Malta.

I’m unwilling to go into either ancient history or into detailed justification.  However, let me cite but two recent reports – three years ago and seven months ago…

First, Malta Today [August 18, 2014] headlined: “Camorra boss Aldo Gionta arrested en route to Malta. Son of camorra boss Valentino Gionta, founder of the Torre Annuziata clan, arrested while boarding the catamaran to Malta.”

Second,  L’espresso [May 25, 2017] reported:  “A stroke of good luck. A case of fate that would potentially allow to track down the treasure trove of Gomorra, that is the money the Casalesi clan piled up in years and years of criminal activity. The year is 2005. Nicola Schiavone, the son of notorious boss Sandokan, drops his wallet on a street. The Carabinieri del Ros, an Italian enforcement branch collect it, and find between a banknote and a receipt a business card featuring the name of Bruno Tucci. Tucci is an Italian entrepreneur with a base in Malta. The investigators tap him. Listening to his calls on tape they get to the conclusion that Tucci might be one of the entrepreneurs through whom the Casal di Principe clan intends to launder its Malta money stockpile.”

Of course, more recently, the Chicago Tribune wrote: “The head of Italy’s anti-mafia parliamentary commission called Tuesday for greater cooperation from Malta in the fight against organized crime, which she said has found a ‘hospitable’ home on the Mediterranean island thanks to its shady financial regulations.”  (October 24, 2017)

Look for more on the Mediterranean’s island paradise.