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Trump Uses Exec Priv On Mueller Report

News outlets are reporting that Donald Trump has escalated his conflict with Congress by exercising Executive Privilege in regard to the Mueller Report. In effect, this would make the report inaccessible to Congress. Democrats are responding by arguing that the White House is far out of bounds in his attempt to bury the report. Americans…

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Steel Collar Workers


It is one more pernicious myths of the Trumpian Right that “illegal immigrants” are stealing jobs from “real Americans.” The reality, of course, is that jobs weren’t there to be stolen. Long ago, CEOs, MBAs, and Corporations sent them overseas–that is, to places like China, where labor costs were low and unions were non-existent. The…

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Omarosa: Trump Destroyed Evidence

It seems 45’s month just keeps getting worse and worse. Now, several news outlets are reporting that former Trump insider Omarosa Manigault Newman has said that the Trumpsters destroyed several boxes of evidence before Robert Mueller and his people could see it. If so, that would be a major obstruction of justice. Ms. Newman made…

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Mueller Will Testify, Trump Freaks

News and media outlets are reporting that Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the Senate. However, Trump has tweeted that he should not be allowed to do so. This ratchets up the conflict between Congress and the White House, particularly given that Trump had only a short time before apparently given his blessing to…

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Exclusion Breeds Monsters

This may come under the heading of “No. Really? You think?”, but there has been an interesting development in the study of human behavior and of the origins of radicalism. According to The Guardian, a recent study has shown that people who feel excluded from their larger society are more likely to adopt extreme, or…

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Video: Why Trump Supporters Abandon Him

Our friend Chris Madsen alerted us to this very powerful video from NowThisPolitics. It offers quick statements from former Trump supporters who now oppose him. All of them voted for the man because he promised to bring jobs back to America. What they soon discovered was that the only job he really cared for was…

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