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Making Our Voices Heard

by Marc Keyser, Trump’s nomination of Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the sham hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee was a done deal… until two women, Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila stopped Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) in the elevator. They held the doors open, and Maria ask the Senator to look…

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The Summer of 82 Boy Gets The Job

If you’ve never been fired, good for you. But if like many of us you have, you know it usually isn’t a great feeling. It’s not as bad as some things in life, but it’s better to hear “you’re hired” than, “you’re fired.” Speaking of “you’re fired,” it’s been a catch-phrase of Trump since the…

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USA Singers Trash Trump (Hugely)

Summary: The USA Singers are a new musical group formed to trash Trump and Fascism with the power of music. They produce protest songs based on many different forms of American music, ranging from Rock to Big Band to Jazz. Check out their funny, powerful, and moving music at The USA Singers. Donald Trump has…

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Devil’s Triangle – SEX pure and simple

The other day we wrote about how Brett Kavanaugh said a mysterious term that showed up in his high school yearbook, “The Devil’s Triangle,” referred to a drinking game. The problem is that other people, including some of his former friends, have said it was actually a reference to a three-way sex act, with two…

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We Shall Win, in spite of him


By this time, you have probably seen that Brett Kavanaugh is almost certainly about to become a Supreme Court Justice. Short of a miracle, the Republicans will speed his confirmation through Congress without the slightest regard for the will of the people. This is, of course, a disaster for our nation. Kavanaugh has proven himself…

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How to End the Rape Culture (and have fewer Trumps)

The potential solution to this problem is really quite simple. We have allowed rich, white, entitled conservatives for far too long to teach their sons that “Boys will be boys” in other words not to be held responsible for their actions. Basically that there’s nothing wrong with acting immature and a fool. How about we…

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