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Bolton’s Out!

Media outlets are reporting that John Bolton has been fired from his role as National Security Advisor. He will be the third National Security Advisor to have come and gone since Trump took office. As with the other firings, the differences between the two men seem to have been as much personal as political. While…

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Rental Families: The Future

The grim reality is that postindustrial, late capitalist economics don’t lend themselves to family or personal happiness. Corporations expect their employees to work 24/7, and if that means they don’t have a private life, well, too bad. The result is a developed world in crisis, where entire countries are running out of people as singles…

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Red Bullets

animated GIF of flaming gun

An astute observation I’ve heard made made is that Republicans and their president like to incite gun violence… as long as the targets are Democrats. They don’t care if the bullet is stronger than the ballot, and has been for the last 56 years, because it has usually worked out in their favor. It’s been…

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Sarah Palin Divorces

The Washington Post is reporting that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd may have begun divorce proceedings against her. In particular, notes the article, “Todd Palin appears to have filed a document suggesting he wants a divorce from Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor who came to nationwide prominence as the running mate of Republican presidential candidate…

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Sanford Announces Run

News outlets are reporting that former South Carolina congressman Mark Sanford has announced that he will challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nod in 2020. Sanford’s chances are, of course, pretty much zero. It is almost impossible to successfully mount a primary challenge to a sitting president who has his party’s firm support. And Sanford…

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Samoan PM: Climate Denialists Need Mental Help

Desert 1

From HuffPost: Samoan Prime Minister: Leaders Who Deny Climate Change Are ‘Utterly Stupid’ “Tuilaepa Sailele suggested that such skeptics should be taken to a mental institution.” Just once, we wish he wouldn’t mince words 🙂 Of course, he is absolutely right.

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Soon: Killer Robots

From the Atlantic: Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill, Tomorrow’s wars will be faster, more high-tech, and less human than ever before. Welcome to a new era of machine-driven warfare. All too soon, we are going to face a revolution in military affairs. Increasingly, fighting…and killing…will be done by machines. And they…

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