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Mooch Says He’s Doomed

From Anthony Scaramucci Predicts 20+ Senate Republicans Are About To Turn On Trump “Trump will then face a moment like President Richard Nixon did in 1974: Republicans in the Senate will break the news to him that he’s got to go or else he’ll lose an impeachment trial.”

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Video: A Peaceful…Shark?

This is kinda sweet. A mother and her very young child were caught in some of the protests in Lebanon. When the protestors realized that they might frighten the youngster, they broke into a version of “Baby Shark.” If you’ve got kids or grandkids, you’ve probably heard it. You may not like it, but you’ve…

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Master Trolling

 All us joyless snowflakes on the left could sure learn a thing or two from Conservatives. Oh, wait… Conservatives Are Collectively Losing It Over New Book “If You Give A Pig The White House.”

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Why You Need To Worry


One of the reasons that Trump won was that people were afraid of losing their jobs. And they had good reason. If you think your own job “can’t be automated” then look very carefully at this video… And know fear.  

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