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Or Israel???

by Chris Madsen

I found an interesting article from 5 weeks ago on PressTV.com called “US and Israel fabricating lies to provoke war with Iran: Ex-CIA officer”.(*)

This is meant as a follow-up to my article “Iran? Or Russia?”.  In that article I pointed out some of the reasons Russia and the United States may have had for causing an explosion on a Japanese and Norwegian tanker off the shore of Iran.  

In fairness, I should also point out what role Israel may have played in those explosions.  Personally, I still do not believe Iran caused those explosions.  Russia did have a motive to cause more worldwide chaos.  However, I believe the United States was involved in those attacks and after reading the below article it very well could have been the USA with the cooperation of Israel.  The United States’ “Petrodollar” becomes just a “Dollar” without worldwide purchase of oil in USD, and Iran had just sold that oil in Euros. 

What do you think happened in the Gulf of Oman?

US fabricating lies to start war with Iran: Ex-CIA officer




(*) Editor’s note: PressTV.com is associated with the Islamic Republic of Iran.



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