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Or Is Biden Golden?

Yesterday we mentioned an article that argued Joe Biden couldn’t possibly when the 2020 Democratic nomination and that the future belonged to Kamala Harris. It seems only fair that today we ought to provide the alternative point of view.

Back in April, David Ignatius wrote a compelling op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that Biden had the best chance of removing Trump from the White House. He writes, “Joe Biden’s limitations as a presidential candidate are so obvious that they’re almost a litany: He’s too old, too white, too male, too touchy-feely, too loquacious. But he has one huge plus: He may be the person who could move President Trump out of the White House.”

Why? Because, “With all his blarney and sometimes tedious speechifying, he’s obviously, uncontestably a decent person.”

And right now, that’s what we need. In an age of Trump and Fox News, we need a decent individual to run for president. And, maybe, only a decent individual has a chance against a proven crook and thief.