Oprah for President

Oprah for President

By @BossBird17

Many citizens are discussing a possible run for president by Oprah Winfrey, even though, she has previously responded that she’s not planning on it.  Recently, The Intercept, published an article by Shaun King, “Here Are the Four Things a Democratic Presidential Candidate Will Need to Beat Trump in 2020” (https://theintercept.com/2018/01/14/2020-election-oprah-trump-michelle-obama-bernie-sanders-joe-biden/) detailing what’s needed to beat Trump.

Oprah has the requisite social media following, enormous base of supporters, an “alt-Trump” personality, and a history of being able to organize people.  However, she has no political experience.  Along with many others, I’m tired of celebrities’ egos that lead them to believe that by nature of their fame, they are suited for political office.  Furthermore, instead of working their way up the political ladder and gaining experience, they now want to start at the apex point, president.

However, after reading, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, I’m struck by one factor that our country will desperately need after 2020, someone who can heal our fractured nation. Someone who has the charisma, kindness, intelligence, and introspective nature to accomplish this task.  As President Lincoln remarked, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

At this point, I haven’t seen any politicians who possess all these qualities. That’s not to mean that this won’t happen in a few years. But, for right now, I believe that, yes, Oprah Winfrey can lead, govern, listen to diverse views, create unity with our allies, and, most importantly, heal our divided nation.