Once Again, Horror… - Liberal Resistance

Once Again, Horror…

Once again we have a mass killing. Once again, it is at a school. Once again, the victims were among the most innocent among us. Once again, the murderer had a long history of demonstrated madness, and yet…while denied meaningful treatment…was able to get guns.

And, once again, the NRA assumes radio silence…while the GOP, and the president, calls for prayers and good wishes.

We will not even bother reporting on any of this. We will not name the place where this latest horror occurred. We will not name the killer. We will not list the victims and martyrs.

We will say only this: It now appears that the NRA, the GOP Congressmen who do its bidding, and the President…they are complicit in this and all the other mass murders that have occurred in recent years. And, by refusing to consider even the slightest compromise… by proclaiming the slightest attempts at gun control the first step toward confiscation and dictatorship…they have done everything short of pulling the triggers. They are at fault, as much…maybe more…than the sad, sick men and boys who went to schools and movie theaters and hotels with firearms.

The blood is on their hands.

And when all is said and done, civilized men and women… “the jury of their peers…”


We shall not forget. Nor forgive.

The Editors