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Oh, Look. Farmers are Getting Screwed By 45

Again, put this down in the No Surprises Column…

Farmers, some of wom backed Trump to the hilt, are waking up to the fact that they’d be in the middle of any trade war with China. Thus, writes David Weigel in The Washington Post, “Many of the farmers who helped propel Donald Trump to the presidency fear becoming pawns in his escalating trade war with China, which threatens markets for soybeans, corn and other lifeblood crops in the Upper Midwest.”

The good news for us is that this may imperil a few GOP seats in Congress. Notes Weigel, “Trump’s aggressive attacks on China over trade are putting Republicans … in a difficult spot — torn between siding with Trump and acknowledging the economic peril to many of their constituents. The issue presents yet another challenge to the GOP in a tough midterm election year even in the rural areas across the Upper Midwest that swept Trump to victory — and where control of the Senate could be decided.”

And it is going to be interesting for GOP candidates in agricultural states. Many of them are too deeply in the pockets of Trump’s plutocratic backers, and too afraid of Trump himself, to do anything that would actually help their voters. And those voters could respond by…

Well, who was it said that farmers should raise less corn and more hell? Oh, yes. We remember. Mary Lease, queen of the populists.

Wise woman, that Ms. Lease.