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Obama Created DACA

William B. Turner

Anyone who is paying attention realizes how transparently stupid and manufactured this line is, but it never hurts to state the obvious.

So, the so called president claims he nearly vetoed the most recent Omnibus Spending Bill, itself a legislative train wreck that should not exist if Republicans really want to return to regular order in matters of the federal budget, supposedly “based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”

In characteristic Donald fashion, he gives new meaning to “shameless.” CNN posted an excellent article detailing the reality, which is that President Obama created the program entirely of his own initiative and it is only at issue now because the Donald himself indicated he intended to end it.

It is well here to be clear about what DACA is. The acronym stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” It is a narrowly tailored program for which are eligible only persons who can demonstrate that they came to the United States as children without proper legal authority, have lived here ever since, have no criminal record, and meet other criteria. It is a rational allocation of scarce enforcement resources. Even if the Department of Justice had an unlimited budget, it could never prosecute every violation of federal law. Part of running the federal government is making choices about how to allocate available resources. Obama decided that, since the Department of Justice does not and never will have an unlimited budget, it makes little sense to devote attorney time and attention to trying to deport persons who are here unlawfully, but through no fault of their own and who pose no threat to anyone else by dint of having no criminal history.

This is an entirely rational and compassionate policy decision, which is precisely why good “conservatives” do not understand it.

As CNN explains, the Donald has consistently talked out of both sides of his mouth, as usual, on the issue of DACA beneficiaries, whom most people refer to as “Dreamers.” He talks on the one hand about what wonderful people they are and how much he loves them, then ties any deal to ensure their status by statute, which Republicans could have done years ago, to funds for his stupid wall and introduced into the discussion the topics of the diversity lottery for immigration visas and family reunification as a basic principle of U.S. immigration policy, which are slightly related by dint of involving immigration, but not germane to the discussion about DACA.

For the Donald now to try to claim that the Democrats have abandoned DACA beneficiaries is the worst sort of political posturing and hypocrisy, but totally characteristic of how modern Republicans behave and typical of Trump’s brand of utterly uninformed double speak. With the Donald, it’s hard to tell if he’s lying, or if he really is so clueless that he thinks it makes sense to blame Democrats – who created the program and currently are the minority in both Houses of Congress – for the absence of any statute ensuring the continuation of the DACA program.

Just another specific example of what a disaster the Donald is as president.