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Russian Nukes: Fearful Or Fraudful?

Always consider the News Source.  This is piece of Russian propaganda released by Russian Times on behalf of the Russian Government.  ~ Chris Madsen


Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but their development won’t stop there – Putin

Yeah, well, maybe.

If Russia felt it had the weapon system already that could win WW3 they would have already attacked.  I believe this to be a piece of propaganda meant to posture Russia as more sophisticated and advanced than it actually is.  However, this does prove Russia is dangerous because they are at least working towards what they consider an unbeatable military.  In today’s modern world that means it is only a matter of time before Russia does achieve this goal.

Russia may need to be split into as many as 4 parts.  However if it is split into only half to reduce its overall power the part on the European side should be for Russians than want to behave according to European standards and culture.  The people in the Asian Russia should be for those that want to maintain a more Mongolian culture and everyone should be allowed to self-migrate.  Anyone that want to live in a modern Russia should move West towards Europe.  Anyone that wants to live in the other Russia should move East.

Every major Russian city could be taken out with a simultaneous EMP blast from within the city.  If the Western world has to take out Russia for being too much of a global threat, they should consider doing it before Russia does figure out a way to be unbeatable.

Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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