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Notes From The Editor’s Desk

Hello, Everyone,

So this one is going to be quick and dirty, I’m afraid. That’s because I’m writing this on Saturday night, and I’m …well, tired, dirty, and sunburned. I spent the day at the local March For Our Lives in ABQ, NM. This means my eloquent quota is, shall we say, waaaay down.

That said, the March was amazing, and if you haven’t watched national news and seen the vast crowds in cities across the nation and heard the young people being interviewed (and being amazingly well-spoken) then you have missed much. Get thee to a streaming service.

In the meanwhile, though, you could glance at my own little video (modest cough) about the ABQ March For Our Lives. It is here.

Also, there are a few items that we’ve run this week that I hope you haven’t missed, but on the off chance you did…

We ran the first chapter (and second excerpt) from Philip Becnel’s new satirical novel, Freedom City. It’s very funny, and when you read this week’s chapter, you may actually come to admire bedbugs. No. Really.

Also, our own William B. Turner has done several pieces this week. I’m not sure which I prefer the most. But, maybe it was Blaming Facebook? which offers a nice contrarian take on the Facebook debacle. You may or may not agree with all he says, but you’ll have to admit that he scores a few points.

Then, too, we’ve had a couple of exciting newcomers on the site this week. They are, respectively, Nathaniel Tubbs III and Colin McGrath. Nathaniel offers weary resisters a few tips on keeping alive and sane in this crazy age. Any progressive is, of course, pretty stressed at this particular moment. He suggests some yoga, changes in diet, and a maybe a slightly different take on your life.

Colin, meanwhile, offers his perspectives on the politics of compassion, which he thinks we desperately need at the moment. However, he is also working on a new project that will, he hopes, pair progressive voters with progressive candidates. Be sure to check out his page

And, of course, there were a lot of other contributors doing excellent work this time around. But, I’m running out of time and space…and the sunburn’s getting the better of me. So, everyone I didn’t mention, forgive me. Next time. I promise.

Okay, that’s it for this Sunday. But, stay tuned. There’s some fascinating stories coming up in the near future.

And remember, if you’re a reader of, you may have things you’d like to say in its pages. We’re always open to new contributors. So don’t hesitate to give me a shout at

Michael Jay Tucker