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Notes From The Editor’s Desk: Cohen Takes The Fifth



So, here’s news of interest. We now all know that Michael Cohen, Trump’s expensive lawyer and buck-passer, is going to take the fifth in the lawsuit brought by “adult entertainer” Stormy Daniels. At least that’s what the Washington Post is saying in a recent article (Michael Cohen to invoke Fifth Amendment right in Stormy Daniels case by by Emma Brown and Rosalind S. Helderman.)

Of course, we also know that this is …if not exactly an open admission of guilt…at least it is suggestive, for lack of a better word.

And, but, there’s the rub. If he’s guilty…then we have to ask exactly what he’s done. The theory, of course, is that he does not wish to admit before the public that he’s been passing hush money to porn stars and centerfolds on behave of the President, and high ranking members of the RNC, and Sean Hannity.

However, that, too, was known. Everyone knew it. It was in the news everywhere. Film at eleven, as we used to say back in the days of Networks and nightly reports.


So, you have to wonder, what else is he hiding? What else does not wish to admit? What else could, if revealed, could incriminate him? That is, incriminate more than circumstance and the FBI has ready done.

Further, and maybe more importantly, who else might he incriminate in the process?

Which brings me finally to my point. And it is a bit sinister. Because, once more, we already know that Trump probably slept with Daniels. There is nothing there to reveal. Nothing that we all didn’t know.

Which means…which means…

Is there is still more to discover? Is Cohen hiding something that has nothing to do with sex, illicit or otherwise? But rather something …worse? Something to do with Trump, and his cabinet, and his party…

Maybe something a little bit horrible? Or more than a little…

Let us hope that sometime very soon, we discover the truth.

And that the truth will set us…if not Mr. Cohen…free.