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Note To GOP: You’re Going To Hell

So, here is our little message to the GOP, and particularly those parts of it in Congress who are even now signing off on a Tax bill that will transfer tons of money from the middle class and the working class to the obscenely wealthy.

You’re going to hell.

Okay, maybe we’re not sure there really is a hell, but if there is, then that’s where you’re headed.

Why do we say that? Well, in case you somehow hadn’t noticed the story, this month a note from a first grader to Santa went viral. It seems that her teacher had asked her class to write a letter to the Jolly Old Elf in which they described what they wanted for Christmas.

And what did this little girl want?

A blanket. And food.

Have you got that? Do you understand it? She was hungry and cold. She needed food and clothing.

Oh, she also asked for similar gifts for her friends, some of whom were also hungry and cold.

So, let’s recap, shall we? You have gone out of your way to take food out of the mouth of this child, so that you could give tax cuts to people who are already among the richest on earth. You have taken from the poorest and most vulnerable among us so that billionaires could write off their private jets.

You are filth. You are without value. You are vile.

And should the Jesus that you pretend to worship ever decide to return…

You will rot. You will burn. You will writhe in the sulfur and the flame. And, you will deserve it. You will deserve every moment of pain. Forever, and ever…