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No More Deals!

Interesting article by Max Boot over on the Washington Post website. In The era of Democratic compromise is over, he argues that we are entering a new age of Democratic intransigence. Before, particularly during the Clinton years, he says, Democrats were willing and eager to cut deals with conservatives, with more or less corrupt members of their own party (Boot is no fan of the Clintons), and with the GOP.


That day is done, he says. Having been burned and betrayed by GOP, for whom “compromise” meant giving them everything they wanted and providing nothing in return, the Democrats are not going to make any deals with a Republican Party that brought them a quasi-Fascist state and corruption on a grand scale.


Boot isn’t entirely happy about this development. He fears an inflexible, hard-left Democratic Party would be almost as bad as a hard-right GOP. Worse, he feels that it would alienate the centrists we need to defeat Trump.


He may be right. But, on the other hand…


The Dems courted the center right for decades, and don’t seem to have profited much by it. Maybe it is time to consider a bit more backbone, and a lot less of “the art of the deal.